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Computerised tracking

Front tracking / Wheel alignment

Incorrectly adjusted front wheel alignment causes increased tyre wear, poor handling,reduces braking efficiency & cornering stability but very rarely causes the car or steering to pull to one side. We have Basingstoke's ONLY fully computerised laser tracking & four wheel geometry equipment and therefore can offer the following:

Tracking 1:

Computerised front 4 wheel laser tracking, with printed before & after graphical report for only £25.

Front wheel tracking and alignment at Basingstoke Value Tyres

Rear tracking / Wheel alignment

Incorrectly adjusted rear wheel alignment will cause the same problems as front tracking & will also cause the car to steer or pull to the left or right. Rear wheel tracking can not be adjusted independently & must be incorporated with a front wheel tracking. For this service we offer:

Tracking 2:

Computerised front & rear 4 wheel laser tracking (includes the first half hour labour, if seized) with printed before & after graphical report for only £60.

Rear wheel tracking and alignment services at Basingstoke Value Tyres

Full Steering Geometry

This cannot be carried out without Tracking 2 and is available at £35 + VAT for each wheel camber adjusted. Shim adjusting kits are charged at an extra cost.

Full Steering Geometry at Basingstoke Value Tyres